Welcome to our Delivery Services! Our dedicated team of professionals ensures your packages are handled with utmost care. With our expertise in professional packing, your items are safeguarded throughout the delivery process. We take pride in our fast delivery service, ensuring your shipments reach their destination in no time. Please note that freight charges may vary based on the distance. Rest assured, with Loushan US, you’ll experience a reliable and efficient delivery solution for all your needs. You can count on us to deliver greatness directly to your door!

LSVACK have been offering delivery services for years we have been in the business. The Luoshan International Team would like to offer the best services that save time and high quality. Fright is one of the most important parts too, a good fright can make delivery be fast and safe. We have our own truck for delivery and also a third party transportation partner for 5 years. Professional delivery will keep materials safe in the journey because of the high weight for the material, we would not like anything to be dropped in the middle of the route, it can possibly hurt somebody. So the party we have partnered with came to be important because they have experiences before delivering the pallet racks. We can offer the best prices for freight around Los Angeles and also outside the state. We have professional drivers to deliver according to the preference of the customer, delivery can be offered as soon as the
same day delivery.

We start by calculating out the distance from the warehouse to the delivery address. We want to make sure we can do the best prices for the costumes and save time and money at the same time also the best services. After the customer confirms the order we would schedule out a time for delivery, if the customer would like same day delivery we would offer the soonest time we can get to deliver. Mainly we can offer the delivery if customers purchase the order in the
morning, we can deliver in 2 to 3 hours depending on the distance of the warehouse to the delivery address.

For installation project delivery , project managers will calculate the loads based on the weight and pallets needed to fit in the least load possible to help save the cost of the freight. We always preload the materials a day before the project so when the installation starts we can have all materials ready to start the projects in time. Installation team will unload the materials when the project starts. Loads will be unloading quickly and safely.

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