Stretch Film Wrap

Stretch Film Wrap

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Introducing our high-quality stretch film wrap for all your website packaging needs. Securely protect and bundle your products with ease and efficiency. Our durable and flexible stretch wrap provides excellent cling and tear resistance, ensuring items remain intact during transit. Say goodbye to worries about damaged shipments. With its clear transparency, your products’ visibility remains uncompromised. Whether you’re shipping delicate electronics or bulky items, our stretch film wrap is the perfect solution. Simplify your packaging process and elevate your shipping standards with our reliable stretch film wrap today! Trust us for secure, seamless, and professional packaging.


Part # Dimension Spec. Color
Stretch Film Wrap
LSHWS1880C 18" x 1500' 80ga. Clear
  Labels/ Sheet Sheets/ Package Package/ Box Labels/   Box  
LS1000 4" X 3 1/3" Label (Rectangle) 6 100 10 6000 White
  Labels/Roll Rolls/  Boxes Labels/   Box  
LS40601000 4" x 6" Fanfold Direct Thermal Label 1000 4 4000 White
LS40602000 2000 2
LS40600500 500 8
Carton Sealing Tape
CCST1102 2" x 110 yds. 36 Clear
CCST1103 3" x 110 yds. 24 Clear

The Art of Preservation: LSRACK's Stretch Wrap Packaging Solution in Ontario, CA

Welcome to LSRACK, where the art of preservation meets the science of innovation. Our Stretch Wrap Packaging Solutions redefine the way you safeguard and present your products, ensuring that every package is not just wrapped but preserved with precision and care. Explore the excellence of LSRACK’s Stretch Film Wrap, Stretch Wrap Roll, Pallet Stretch Film, and Wrapping Film for Packaging.

Wrap with Precision: LSRACK's Stretch Film Mastery

At LSRACK, we believe that wrapping is not just a process; it’s an art. Our Stretch Film Wrap is a testament to the mastery we bring to the packaging industry. Each roll is crafted with precision, offering a level of consistency and reliability that ensures your products are not only securely wrapped but also presented with a touch of excellence.

Beyond Ordinary: LSRACK's Innovative Stretch Wrap Roll

LSRACK’s Stretch Wrap Roll goes beyond the ordinary. We understand that every product is unique, and so should the wrapping. Our innovative roll design provides versatility in application, allowing you to wrap items of varying shapes and sizes with ease. It’s a revolutionary approach to packaging that sets your products apart.

Securing Success: The Power of LSRACK's Pallet Stretch Film

Success in the world of logistics and distribution starts with secure packaging. LSRACK’s Pallet Stretch Film is engineered to provide the power of security. Whether you are wrapping pallets for storage or shipment, our film adheres tightly, offering stability and protection against the rigors of transportation and handling.

The Art of Preservation: LSRACK's Stretch Wrap Packaging Solutions

Preservation is an art, and LSRACK is your master artist. Our Stretch Wrap Packaging Solutions are designed to go beyond the superficial layer of protection. We delve into the details, ensuring that your products are not just wrapped but preserved in a cocoon of reliability, shielding them from environmental factors and potential damages.

Wrap it Right: LSRACK's Wrapping Film for Packaging Excellence

To wrap it right, choose LSRACK’s Wrapping Film for Packaging in Ontario, CA. Excellence is woven into every inch of our film, offering a perfect balance of cling, strength, and flexibility. This ensures that your products are not only wrapped securely but also with a touch of finesse that reflects positively on your brand.

Stretching the Limits: LSRACK's Vision for Stretch Film Wrap

LSRACK’s vision for Stretch Film Wrap is to stretch the limits of what packaging can achieve. Our film is designed to accommodate the diverse needs of industries, from protecting delicate items to securing bulk shipments. It’s about providing a versatile solution that adapts to your packaging requirements, no matter the scale or complexity.

Unveiling Efficiency: LSRACK's Stretch Wrap Roll Revolution

Efficiency is the cornerstone of LSRACK’s Stretch Wrap Roll Revolution in Ontario, CA. We recognize that in today’s fast-paced business world, time is of the importance. Our roll revolutionizes the wrapping process, making it swift and efficient without compromising the quality of the wrap. It’s a game-changer for businesses that value both speed and precision.

Preserve, Protect, Package: LSRACK's Pallet Stretch Film Mastery

Preserving, protecting, and packaging – LSRACK’s Pallet Stretch Film excels in all three aspects. Our mastery lies in creating a film that not only adheres securely to your pallets but also provides a protective shield against dust, moisture, and potential damages. It’s a comprehensive solution for businesses that prioritize the integrity of their shipments.

Crafting Security: LSRACK's Stretch Wrap Packaging Innovations

Security is paramount in the world of packaging, and LSRACK is dedicated to crafting security through innovation. Our Stretch Wrap Packaging Innovations incorporate the latest advancements in film technology, ensuring that your products are wrapped with a layer of security that meets the highest industry standards.

Seal the Deal: LSRACK's Wrapping Film for Packaging Success

Success in packaging often begins with the seal, and LSRACK’s Wrapping Film for Packaging is designed to seal the deal. Our film ensures a secure and tamper-evident seal, instilling confidence in your customers that the products they receive are as pristine as when they left your facility.

Wrapped for Success: LSRACK's Stretch Wrap Packaging Prowess

LSRACK invites you to wrap for success with our Stretch Wrap Packaging Prowess. It’s not just about packaging; it’s about preserving the essence of your products and presenting them to the world with confidence. Explore the art of preservation with LSRACK, where each wrap is a masterpiece of security and care. 
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