Category: Packaging

Discover our premium packaging labels will effortlessly elevate your branding and make a lasting impression. With customizable designs and high-quality materials, ensure your products stand out from the rest. Create a professional and eye-catching packaging presentation with our top-notch labels.


Part # Dimension Spec. Color
Stretch Film Wrap
LSHWS1880C 18" x 1500' 80ga. Clear
  Labels/ Sheet Sheets/ Package Package/ Box Labels/   Box  
LS1000 4" X 3 1/3" Label (Rectangle) 6 100 10 6000 White
  Labels/Roll Rolls/  Boxes Labels/   Box  
LS40601000 4" x 6" Fanfold Direct Thermal Label 1000 4 4000 White
LS40602000 2000 2
LS40600500 500 8
Carton Sealing Tape
CCST1102 2" x 110 yds. 36 Clear
CCST1103 3" x 110 yds. 24 Clear
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